• 3 Bedrooms (incl. AC) • 2 Bathrooms• Full kitchen • Alarm system

The peaceful, child-friendly community of Casibari is just a 10-minute drive from the beach, supermarkets and Oranjestad. It lies nestled amongst the Casibari hills, traces of which remain throughout the neighborhood in the form of giant boulders. This is where we have what is perhaps our nicest house, because of its traditional architectural style (cunucu) and the enormous boulder right next to it.

The villa has a full kitchen, with range, oven and dishwasher. It has 3 bedrooms (all with air conditioning) and 2 bathrooms. The living room has ceiling fans.

Lovely planted garden, completely surrounded by large boulders, with a drip irrigation system installed; open porch with ceiling fans; extra parking spots on the driveway.

The lot size is 471 m2 (5,070 sq. ft.).

Availability as yet undetermined.