Super Bowl Sunday in Aruba

We LOVE Our Visitors Here in Aruba! Can you guess what Nationality our TOP ARUBA-LOVING VISITORS Have? Yep – you guessed right: U.S.A. The Americans have been holding the #1 spot for being the biggest Aruba Lovers for years, AND COUNTING! This is exactly why we celebrate with YOU, America, when it comes to THE […]

Betico Day

Official holiday in memory of G.F. (Betico ) Croes, On January 25th, we commemorate the birthday of the late Aruban political leader, Gilberto François (Betico) Croes. He helped the island attain the “Status Aparte”. With its new status Aruba was given autonomy from the Netherlands Antilles, and was allowed to function as a commonwealth within […]

Aruba Carnival Season

Aruba’s Carnaval is celebrating it’s 65 birthday, so that means an even greater event than it already is! Here is the schedule of all the great Parades and Election parties. So that you’ll be sure that you don’t miss one. Aruba Carnival Schedule 2019 Meaning Carnival means weeks of events that bring you colorfully decorated floats, […]

Caribbean Sea jazz Festival Aruba 2019

The Caribbean Sea Jazz Annual festival attracts about 8,000 local and international visitors who enjoy high quality jazz acts, combo’s and bands. The Renaissance Festival Plaza is the heart of the festival, a one of a kind venue in the Caribbean that features a big selection of music, theater, arts and food in one weekend. […]